The iCub multisensor datasets

This website hosts novel datasets constructed by employing the iCub robot equipped with an additional depth sensor and color camera, IntelRealSense 435i. We employed the iCub robot to acquire color and depth information for 210 objects in different acquisition scenarios. These datasets can be used for robot and computer vision applications: multisensory object representation, object concept formation, action recognition, rotation and distance invariant object recognition. Note that this is an ongoing work and the content of the website will be updated regularly. The table below provides the specifications of the datasets.


Object and data specification

Image format: The color and depth images in these dataset were captured with the size of 640x480 and saved in PNG format. Note that the depth data were visualized by using OpenCV (cv2.COLORMAP_JET) and saved as an image.
Objects: As can be seen from the banner of the web page, the datasets were constructed with various types of objects. Note that we used the same objects for the RGB-D turntable, RGBD-operator, and scene understanding datasets. Here, you can access the complete list of object with corresponding object id. The action recognition dataset constructed with 20 objects and the list of object can be found in here.


Citing the dataset

If you use the dataset for your project, please cite the following technical report:
Murat Kirtay, Ugo Albanese, Lorenzo Vannucci, Guido Schillaci, Cecilia Laschi, and Egidio Falotico. 2020. The iCub multisensor datasets for robot and computer vision applications. In Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI’20), October 25–29, 2020, Virtual event, Netherlands.